So here we are, a year after the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of WB Games and Netherrealms DC Comics fighting game. That game being Injustice 2. A game that WB Games had stated would make it to the PC for a number of reasons. And for a while, the PC community bitched and complained about this decision. But over time, we finally grasped the hard truth of reality and let go. We had stopped caring about Injustice 2 ever coming to the PC.

Then something happened, something unexpected. One year later, WB Games had a change of heart and decided to bring Injustice 2 over to the PC platform. They not only announced the game, but gave us an open beta so that we could try out the game. Be still my heart, two good gestures at the same time? Was this a dream? Sure, the beta ended up getting delayed for a bit, but we got it. So how was that beta?

Actually, it was pretty good. The netcode was alright, peer to peer is always a hat toss. The graphics and frame rate are fantastic (if you had the PC), controls are tight and it felt like QLOC (the company that ported the game) did a bang-up job. In all honesty, I’m impressed with the port. So why am I so against picking up Injustice 2 on the PC? Well, let’s get to that since that is the entire point of this article.

So what’s my beef? Denuvo, that’s my beef. The once holy grail of protecting PC games, which is as about as useful as a can of (insert food item) on a desert island without a can opener. Wasn’t it already shown time and time again that Denuvo is basically worthless now? Games using the anti-tamper software have been cracked in weeks, some in days. Yet, WB Games and Netherrealm have gone out of their way to include it in the game. I am not a fan of it, not since I’ve been screwed over by either being locked out of my games or the terrible performance tax it introduces at times. 

I will say that I do applaud WB Games for being upfront and stating that Denuvo was being used. They didn’t try to hide it or wait to update their Steam page days later.

Mind you, I’m not telling you not to get the game. No, not at all. In regards to the efforts of QLOC, again, it’s an amazing title. It’s perhaps the first game I can recall that was published by WB Games for the PC that wasn’t a broken mess. I’m just not a fan of Denuvo. What it has done in the past, the issues it causes and that it’s a second layer of DRM in most instances. Steam is a DRM, you can’t launch a game sold on Steam without Steam. Even if you play in offline mode, you still need to have it installed via Steam. And there are some games that you can’t play in offline mode.

Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future, maybe. For now, I’ll pass on Injustice 2 on the PC. But to show you I don’t have any hard feelings – Thank you WB Games for bringing this to the PC!

P.S. – if you want to pick this up, Greenmangaming is selling this for $37.49 if you’re a VIP member. Just sign up to reap the discount.

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