Fire Emblem Heroes FEH Channel Recap: Book 2 and New Banner

We just had a FEH Channel update for Fire Emblem Heroes and  there is a lot of information they released. From new banners and updates, there is a lot more content to sink your teeth and your wallets into.

Joshua of Sacred Stones will be a reward unit for the next tempest trials that will begin on November 20th. But more units will be available in a new banner under the name Farfetched Heroes! This was resulted form the Choose Your Heroes Character poll previously. First we have Mia of Path of Radiance, swordsman who placed 18th. Another from Sacred Stones is Lute, a blue tome user at 13th place. Lastly, from the original Fire Emblem, Docas the Ax user, who places at 12th. Even better is that it will be available tonight/now at time of writing!

Secondly, Staves units are getting a buff in the next update. Now they are able to learn more abilities at 5 stars, improving their usefulness and furthering potential of skill inheritance units. An example they showed is that Sakura can now learn Physics + and Fear +, furthering her use in battle.

Another addition is lowered countdown triggers for specials. No longer need 5 triggers for Astra. Now it only needs 4 countdown triggers. See the list of all the affected skills above. This will really change the flow of battle now.

Further additional updates are that all players will be given 100 more slots for their barracks to hold more heroes. Another is that all story an paralogue missions will cap at 10 stamina. So you don’t need to worry about exhausting stamina on lunatic level stages.

An added feature they showed off is Weapon Refinery. Now you are able to upgrade your weapons to have added perks and stat boosts. This is at the cost of SP, and new materials of Arena Medals and Refining Stones. These can be earned via Arena and daily quests. For basic weapons like Killing Edge, it can now evolve into a Slaying Edge. For some unique weapons, like Sol Kati or Siegmund, they will require a special material called Divine Dew. This can be obtained when you use refining stones on common weapons. Get ready to improve those units cause they have become more valuable now.

If you have saved your orbs, this will be music to your ears. They will be having a Legendary Hero Summon Event on November 27th with a beginning focus rate of 8%! This will exclude non-focus units as it will be set to 0%. So if you want a second chance to get Bridge Cordelia, Ike, Bunny Camilla or Hector, this will be the banner to splurge orbs on. Perfect for a certain NEP host who has a penchant for bad luck…

Lastly, we will have new story content in form of Book 2 in which they also have a trailer to commemorate it.

The story will focus on Princess Fjorm of the Ice Kingdom in her battle against King Surtr of the Flame Kingdom. As shown in the trailer, Surtr is accompanied by the characters Loki and Leviathan facing off against Alfonse, Sharena, Anna and you. It is also confirmed that once you finished chapter one of Book 2, Fjorm will join you as a 5-star unit.

Overall, a big update is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes and it’s a good time to be excited. If you are a fan of the series or curious about it, now may be time to finally jump in.  You can watch the entire presentation below.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for all mobile smartphone devices on IOS and Android.

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