‘Dark’ Could Be the Answer to Your ‘Stranger Things’ Cravings

If you’re like many bingers, you are probably coming down hard off that new season of Stranger Things. Worry not – Netflix is bringing another dark sci-fi thriller about children in a small town to its service. Dark has a lot of the hallmarks of the American seas hit – kids disappearing, weird electricity surges, that sort of science conspiracy, a small town where kids ride on bikes, but will it be any good?

Dark begins with the disappearance of a young boy from the town of Winden in Germany. However, soon more go missing, and town slowly becomes desperate for answers. While strange phenomena begin, including flickering lights, people start snooping around their own backyards and finding some not-so-pleasant stuff. The weirdest part of the trailer is that it emphasizes that it’s not about who or how these kids are being taken, but when, suggesting a time-travel or time manipulation angle to the story. 

Beyond that, we have little information about they German-language show. It feels almost like it must be taking cues from Stranger Things, but it is harsher version of it. We see some of that same nostalgia with shots of a walkman, and an older aesthetic in various scenes. Could it be another story like IT where we see the ramifications of a supernatural killing spree on a small town decades apart? Or will we watch victims slip in and out of various eras?

One also has to wonder if it is going to lose points with English-speaking audiences for being a subtitled show, which (unfortunately, in my opinion) affects viewership numbers. Still, if this mystery is as intriguing and gruesome as the trailer has made it out to be, there’s no doubt it will find an eager audience around the world.

Dark premieres on Netflix on December 1, 2017.

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