COSPLAY BY McCALL’S She Cut Pattern Review

She Cut is a pattern from Seattle Cosplay. Drawing from strong eastern influence, this fun dress will definitely spark your creative side. I’m thinking about making it just for fun since I can’t think of any cosplays I’d use this for. I will note that the dress for this pattern will work for the manga version of Sailor Moon’s Mistress 9. It also could work for Anthy’s dress from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

COSPLAY BY McCALL'S She Cut Pattern ReviewHere are the specs:

Skill level: Easy

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Pattern number: M2107

This pattern is what you see is what you get. There are no variations to play with except for two versions of the detached sleeves and belt. Of course, that isn’t to say you can’t modify this pattern to suit your own needs. For a fun dress, I like this as is. I would probably ignore the sleeves altogether or add real sleeves to make this closer to a Cheongsam dress. I’ve always found Cheongsam dresses to be beautiful – especially the form fitting, heavily detailed ones.

Although this pattern is labeled as easy, I’m skeptical of that because I think this will need some modification to get the proper fit – you can see in the main photograph that the fabric bunches a little bit below the bust. I can also see some beginners getting frustrated with the seams that do not run the entire length of the lined top… plus anything lined is a bit annoying to begin with. I will note that I do like how lined garments fit and feel.

If you opt to make the entire outfit – it’s only 22 pieces. That is a relief and probably why McCall’s labeled this as COSPLAY BY McCALL'S She Cut Pattern Revieweasy. The top will be finished in 36 steps, including the applique section if you choose to add any. The sleeves are 13 steps simple steps. The skirt has 12 steps – seriously, where was this pattern when I was making Mistress 9? This skirt is perfect and will be great for many cosplays. Finally, the belt is wrapped up (hah) in 13 steps if choosing to include the decorations.

As I mentioned earlier, this pattern is really fun just to make for an occasion but I don’t see myself having a use for both the top and bottom in one costume. I’m just speaking for myself because I’m sure people have other needs based on their fandoms.

*This item was provided for review.

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