So, if you somehow haven’t heart, the Nintendo Switch has been selling incredibly well, and not just for 1st party games, but for 3rd party titles as well. Thus, a bunch of 3rd party companies have been jumping on board to either bring their games to the system, or, making exclusive titles for the Switch. With a few exceptions of course. One is EA, the other is Capcom.

You see, Capcom said early on that the sales of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers would be a deciding factor in what they brought to the system. Well, the game did very well for being a 25-year-old port, and yet, there has been no real news about what the popular company could bring to Switch. And…that streak may continue.

For Wall Street Journalist Takashi Mochizuki posted this on his Twitter after a chat with Capcom:

While the idea of Switch being great for “multi-platform games”, fans are more interested in Capcom bringing 1st party titles to the Nintendo platform, especially since they know that they have the franchises to make it happen, and make it great.

Will it happen though? Who can say?

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