Could Bandai Namco Be Teasing A My Hero Academia Game?

So what’s Bandai Namco up to now? Just the other day, the company opened a mysterious teaser site that depicts a picture of a microwave link to click on. Upon clicking on the said link, opens up the microwave down and an egg rolls out. Followed by a timer.


Now, this may seem a bit odd,  but some eager fans have started to break down what this could be for. And all the signs are pointing to My Hero Academia. But how, you may be asking? Let’s look at the hints.

The website URL is The first five letters are “mhaoj. Now this could stand for My Hero Academia. Except, I have no idea what the “OJ” stands for. The next part is the microwave and egg, which could be a reference from the anime.

During the show,  Izuku Midoriya/Deku (the kid with the green hair) is having issues controlling his power. He’s eventually told “to try and imagine his powers to be similar to an egg in a microwave”. Basically, trying to cook the egg without overdoing it. Just like he should try to use his powers without doing too much. The irony is that Izuku has never put an egg in a microwave.

But is this what is actually being teased or is this just the speculation of some very easy fans? We currently don’t know right now, but we’ll find out in 9 days. Which happens to be Tuesday, December 4th, 2017. But I’ll be damned if those hints aren’t related to the show.

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