Akira, the company that was behind Capcom’s Street Fighter EX series, has been busy as of late. It’s been a while since we heard their name, but they’ve popped up on everyone’s radar with the announcement of a new “Mysterious” fighting game. 

Outside of it including former Street Fighter EX and Fighting Layer characters, not much else was known. That is until now.

Fighting EX Layer

The official name of the game is now Fighting EX Layer. Curious, why it’s not called Fighting Layer EX, but hey, it’s their game to name.

Next is an beta which starts on December 11th, 2017, and will run for two weeks. This beta will also feature six characters; Allen Snider, Shirase, Kairi, Garuda and my main man, Skullomania. Damn, I missed Skull.

The PlayStation Blog has more info on the game, the upcoming beta. As well as more info on the battle system mechanic, Gougi. 

Fighting EX Layer )2

The game is shaping up quite nicely and judging from the trailer. It definitely looks better, compared to what we previously saw of the game. This is also perfect timing as it will coincidence with the Christmas holiday, and break. I can’t wait to dive into the beta and come back with all sorts of news and impressions.

I can’t wait!

Source: PlayStation Blog