The fans have spoken. After posting a survey asking which character players would like to see new Final Fantasy XV DLC of, Square Enix has announced that the next one will focus on Ardyn Izunia. Ardyn proved to be the most popular option in the survey (he had my vote!). Nevertheless, Square hesitated to tell his story via DLC, and even ruled it out for a time over the summer. Thankfully, the studio has changed its tune and evidently come up with inspiration for a story. 

In Final Fantasy XV, Ardyn appears as a mysterious traveler who the protagonists encounter from time to time on their journey before being revealed to be working for the empire. The game references deep backstory for the nefarious chancellor, whose motives seemed to vary between coinciding and conflicting with those of the main characters. It’s no wonder that fans would want to know more, and it looks like their questions will be answered. 

Additionally, Square Enix will release DLC for two more Final Fantasy XV characters. While Square is remaining tightly lipped for now, it seems likely that at least one of them will focus on Lunafreya. Hajime Tabita, the game’s director, remarked that he had “incredible motivation” to create DLC for Luna. She was also the runner-up to Ardyn in the poll. 

This is exciting news for Final Fantasy XV fans, as the Square Enix continues to update and expand the game after announcing an upcoming PC release and finishing DLC for the main protagonists. 

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