Weekly Outerhaven YouTube Roundup October 22, 2017

We here at the Outerhaven want you to know us not only for our passions surrounding gaming, tech, television, movies, anime, manga, etc. Every week we’re going to deliver to you a list of videos we have been checking out while cyberloafing the internet. It gives you a chance to see another side to us, one that isn’t focused on covering the latest news or reviews. While this list will be largely safe for work, we must warn against things that may incite any phobias that you may have. Enjoy!


Liz’s Pick:


Once upon a time, there was the Ben Stiller Show, which definitely has the feel of early YouTube. It was a short lived show where a young Ben Stiller explored impersonations, parodies, and more. Think SNL but all Ben, all the time. This is a clip of COPS, re-imagined for the Salem Witch Trials.

Josh’s Pick:


My video this week is a bit of a long one. There was a live playthough of Mega Man 2 at MAGFest and the band Bit Brigade played the OST while the game was being played. It was the most entertaining playthrough I’ve seen and is still one of my favorite videos.

Clinton’s Pick:

NBA Jam was THE quintessential arcade basketball game. You could find it anywhere back in its heyday, and quarters were sinked into machines everywhere. The Tournament Edition continued that trend, and without a doubt, the music continued to impress.

Karl’s Pick:

Dumbass challenged once, got ass whopped… so he comes back to get his ass whopped again lol.


Sara’s Pick:

Why is this funny? I don’t know. Why do I watch it every couple of days? Only Tom Hanks knows. Will I ever grow tired of it? Probably not. There is no reason, there is no logic, there is only David S. Pumpkins.

Aaron’s Pick:


RichaadEB has been making fantastic metal covers of video game music for quite a while now, and you are absolutely missing out if you haven’t heard his stuff yet. I got into his channel back when he was turning outUndertale tracks (all of which are amazing), and this cover of Botanic Panic from Cuphead looks as if it was as difficult to play as the boss fight for which it’s named. After that, make sure you listen to his take on the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2Strike The Earth from Shovel KnightAirman’s Theme from Mega Man 2, and every song from Undertale.

Veronica’s Pick:

Almost 36 years ago FEAR got to play SNL because John Belushi invited them for the show’s Halloween episode. This performance is absolutely insane, even by today’s standards. Belushi, Ian MacKaye, and a bunch of others started slamdancing and wrecked the place. They did A LOT of damage. SNL was furious. It was awesome.

That’s all for week’s roundup. Tune back in next week to see what we are sharing next!

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