Super Mario Odyssey is almost here, as it arrives on the Nintendo Switch on the 27th. But, the game is already earning some big accolades. First, Amazon notes that the pre-orders for the game makes it the 3rd most bought game on the site this year. But now, another interesting accolade has been revealed.

As noted by Redditors and GoNintendo, the Super Mario Odyssey flagship song, “Jump Up, Super Star!” is on the Top 40 songs on iTunes. The song was released only recently, and it’s slowly climbing the charts in the US. BUT, in Japan? The song is No.1!

Oh, and just so there’s no confusion about this, the song cracked the Top 40 of the main page, which means that ALL genres are accounted into this ranking. Not bad for a video game song, huh?

It’s not hard to see why, the song is very catchy, and invokes the Big Band Era perfectly. As well as fitting the games theme of exploration and fun to a “T”. If you haven’t gotten the song on iTunes yet, that’s ok, but definitely consider it, we have the song below for you to listen to if you need to get it stuck in your head!

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