Sony Details Plans for Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is coming up fast, and Sony is promising lots of announcements on PS4 and PSVR games!

From the official blog post:

On October 30th starting at 8:00am Pacific Time, PlayStation Live From Paris Games Week will kick off with a slew of updates and announcements before moving straight into the Paris Games Week 2017 Media Showcase, where you’ll get a new look at some spectacular games coming to PS4 and PS VR.

It seems as though the PlayStation Live coverage will be similar to E3, where news and information are shared before and after the Media Showcase. Sony says stick around, because they’ll have “further details and info to share in [their] post-Showcase debrief”.

If your schedule permits, it might be worth tuning into the PlayStation Live coverage. PGW usually has some exciting announcements from European developers on PlayStation games. 

You can livestream the show at, or on YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. 


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