Outerhaven Anime: First Reaction – Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesuguiru Sho-Bitch na Ken

Sho Bitch

I took one look at the title of this show and decided to watch it based on that alone. Until I viewed the first episode, I didn’t even look at the synopsis because I wanted to continue to be allured by the title and nothing else. Now that the first episode is here and I’ve gone into it blind, how does Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesuguiru Sho-Bitch na Ken fare?

Let’s Go!

First Episode Impressions

If you don’t understand Japanese, the show’s title translates to My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch. As soon as I saw that title, I knew I had to watch this show because it just screamed low brow comedy.

I was not wrong.

The show centers around a boy named Haru who has a crush on his class president, Kousaka. He asks her to a remote location where he confesses and asks her out. Kousaka accepts his confession, which delights him, but she states that this is the first time she has ever been in a relationship. While that seems harmless, Kousaka is absolutely clueless about what it means to be in a romantic relationship. The only thing the understands is that men like sex and so she does things such as memorize all 42 positions of the Kama Sutra, lures Haru to the gym storage room with a bunch of sex toys and even goes as far as to assume that Haru is a masochist.

Her blatant misunderstanding of relationships and the fact that she sugarcoats nothing is the root of the show’s comedy. Haru, of course, is playing the role of the person who is trying to set the record straight, but Kousaka just doesn’t understand any of that. Throw in Shizuku, Haru’s tomboyish and perverted childhood friend, and you have the biggest recipe of low brow humor possible. There really isn’t anything else to this show, but while the comedy is pretty run of the mill for shows like this, it does have its tender moments that give you hope that their relationship will normalize, but that’s something I highly doubt will happen.

OP and ED Thoughts

The OP for the show is “Eien Labyrinth” by Aoi Yuuki. All I can say is that I hope she sticks to voice acting. As a monotone, near soulless character who is dimwitted, she’s perfect, but as a singer? Oh my God… the vocals for that opening track were just horrendous. There’s even a part towards the end of the opening where it sounds like she hit a note off key and the sound crew decided to just leave it in there.

The ED is much, much better, though because it’s done by an actual band. “Koi no Himitsu” by pua:re is an upbeat generic rock theme and while it’s nothing that you haven’t heard before, it’s a breath of fresh air after that terrible opening. In fact, I wouldn’t mind it if these two songs were swapped because the ending sounds like it could open the show. While it is better by comparison, it’s still pretty generic and something that’s okay to listen to once or twice, but nothing really beyond that.

Worth Watching?

MAYBE – I can’t really give My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch a definite yes or no. It all depends on your tastes. If you like low brow comedy in which you can just turn your brain off, then this will be a resounding yes, but if this kind of show is too generic for you or not your style of comedy, then it’s something you probably won’t enjoy. I, for one, like these kind of shows… if they are done right, so I will continue to watch this, but then again, my tastes in humor are a bit… darker… than others.

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