I don’t what the heck is going on over at Capcom, but it ain’t good when it comes to their fighting games. It wasn’t too long ago Matt Dahlgren, who was the Senior Product Manager and had been with Capcom for nearly years, had left. Now, Peter “COMBO FIEND” Rosas, has left the company as well.

Peter, joined Capcom in 2012 after a promising fighting game career. Eventually, in 2012, he going up with Capcom and became of their push to making fighting games more inviting. Since then he attended multiple events, acting as PR for Capcom’s popular (and unpopular) fighters.

The last five years or so have been a blur! When I first came to Capcom, the only thing on my mind was getting more people to play Capcom fighting games. From the various Street Fighter games, various Versus games, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, to you name it, Capcom fighting games have been a core component of both my youth and adulthood. In my youth, these games allowed me to foster friendships through playing with others at my local arcade, which would not have happened otherwise. In my adulthood, they’ve provided me the ability to bond with so many people across the world as we share our love for them. It was these experiences and more that I wanted those unfamiliar with fighting games to also experience.

Although my time at Capcom has come to an end, the interactions and experiences I’ve had with everyone online and in person easily remain as some of my most memorable experiences. Thanks to you all for the fond memories. I now join you all once again as a member of the community and as a Capcom fan. I’m confident the team here will continue to do great work for all of us who love not only fighting games, but games in general.

While it isn’t known why he left, he seems to have done so on his own accord. Though that hasn’t stopped the community from on speculating why. The popular theory is he was tired of being held back by Capcom. That and constantly defending Capcom’s decisions when it came to Street Fighter V and the recent Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

No word on if he plans to return to playing fighting games on a professional level. Or if he is joining up with another company. That said, Peter, if are you looking to go to another company, I head SNK is looking for people.

Regardless of where he ends up, we wish him nothing but the best!

Source: Capcom Blog

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