Persona 5 developer Atlus announced that the entirety of Persona‘s downloadable content has been bundled into three separate packages on the Playstation Store available now for PS4 and PS3.

Atlus is combining all of the costumes into one bundle, all of the additional persona’s into another, and also offering an “Ultimate Edition” Bundle which includes Persona 5 the full game, all additional costumes, all additional personas, a new skill card set, a new healing item set, a Japanese audio track, and a new difficulty level challenge. All three packages are priced separately for PS3 and PS4. 

The Costume Bundle collects a variety costumes spanning all over Atlus’s gaming history including the Persona spin-off Persona 4Dancing All Night and the delightfully bizarre and surreal puzzle game Catherine.  So now all of your Phantom Thieves can go to school in style.


Persona 5 follows a group of troubled teens, called the Phantom Thieves, who by day are high schoolers and undertake surreal adventures into the hearts of others by night in order to help those by stripping away their insecurities and awakening their inner power!

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