When the Nintendo Switch was announced, a ton of 3rd party developers instantly pledged their support to the system. One of them was Koei Tecmo, who not only has released some titles on the system, but recently released a major 1st/3rd party collaboration via Fire Emblem Warriors.

But, as this is a business, they need to be making sales, and thus profit. Well, Koei Tecmo recently held a financial briefing (as noted by NintendoSoup) and noted that they are “extremely happy” with the sales of their titles on the Switch. What’s more, they feel that the sales will go up as time goes on because the Switch “has a long tail.” This isn’t illogical at all, because the Switch is still selling out everywhere it goes, and so by that logical, there could be a lot of people who have wanted to get their games, but can’t.

What’s more, with the holiday season coming up, there’s a lot of opportunities for big game sales, and buys.

What’s most interesting though is that Fire Emblem Warriors has been out a month in Japan, and a week in the US, so no doubt Koei Tecmo knows generally well the game is selling. Their previous collaboration, Hyrule Warriors, sold over 1 million on the Wii U, so no doubt they’re hoping for similar success on the Switch, if not more.

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