Looks Like Denuvo Is Slacking On The Job Again

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Ah, Denuvo, the anti-tamper software that everyone loves to hate. It sometimes causes performance issues, gets games delayed and now it seems like it’s not doing its job. While we’ve seen games take less and less time for games “Protected” by Denuvo to be cracked. The last few game releases have shown that the software is, well, rather useless. 

First,  Total War: WARHAMMER 2, gets released and it’s cracked in just a day. Now we have both Middle-earth: Shadow of War and FIFA 18, literally a day after their releases – and they’re both cracked. Add those to Tekken 7, Sonic Mania, RIME and a few others that all featured Denuvo. I think it’s clear that Denuvo is had its time in the sun and perhaps it’s time for companies to stop using this software. If games can’t even stay protected past a week, let alone a day, then there’s no reason for it. What hurts the most is that the mention of a game including Denuvo is basically a challenge being thrown down. Challenge accepted, indeed.

No No Denuvo

All that’s happening is companies are throwing money at this software, hoping it will work. And if the last few months haven’t been a sign of a sinking ship, I don’t know what is. I wouldn’t be so harsh it lasted a week, but at this point, publishers are just throwing money away now. As for those publishers, I would hope that they’d at least get Denuvo removed from the games. There’s literally no point for it. And if they don’t, I’m sure people will just install the cracks, even those who purchased the game.

I also hope that these companies don’t just decide to stop putting games on the PC either. Just because the games are getting cracked, doesn’t mean they aren’t selling. There’s a huge difference between the two, and there’s data that proves this. I’m all for protecting properties, but Denuvo just ain’t doing it anymore. 

Lastly, don’t ask us for links to the cracks. We don’t promote piracy here, sorry.

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