The Launch Of The Super Nintendo Classic Has Been A Mess

Looks like it’s a repeat of the NES Classic

SNES Classic Edition

It wasn’t too long ago that Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils-Aime, assured North America regarding the launch of the Super Nintendo Classic. He assured us that there would be more than enough units to around. That this would not be a repeat of last years Nintendo Entertain System Classic’s launch. However, as soon many had assumed and suggested, these words would be full of false truths.

Instead, while the launch has been better, I’m not sure if I’d actually use that term. Yes, while those who lined up at Nintendo NYC, did manage to score a Super Nintendo Classic. So did the same at various locations such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Gamestop. However, there still was not enough units to meet the demand. Many were still turned away, though that was to be expected. In fact, most locations only managed to get a handful of the retro console, while others were able to receive slightly more stock. 

So when compared to the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, yes, it was better. But not by much.

Pre-orders, on the other hand, haven’t been met with the same amount of success. It’s been a completely different experience, and that’s putting it lightly. A small amount of those who managed to snag an online pre-order has received their system. Day one pre-orders are still either waiting for a response or have been told that their order is on backorder for an undetermined amount of time. Meanwhile, others who pre-ordered after August 22nd, 2017, somehow managed to get have a SNES Classic delivered. It’s been all sorts of backward and completely disorganized.

Still, it manages to somehow get worse.

Amazon Selling SNES Classics on Treasure Trucks

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Amazon, the biggest online chain for all your favorite wants and needs, has made it clear that they don’t care about the situation. Instead of fulfilling their pre-orders, they sent a mass of “Treasure Trucks” to multiple cites – stock full of Super Nintendo Classics. These trucks weren’t here to deliver everyone’s orders. No, instead they sold them first come via first come, first serve. People that managed to find one of these treasure trucks were able to snag one and in some cases, multiple units. After contacting multiple Amazon reps, they somehow thought that what was being done was perfectly fine. Sure, Amazon, I suppose selling these things on the streets while pre-orders go unfulfilled isn’t an issue.

Meanwhile, those who pre-ordered have been given a song and a dance from Amazon’s customer service reps. Without so much of an answer, they’re being told that they don’t know when their systems would be delivered. Some have been told to cancel the orders and to place another order. 


We’re contacting you about order #xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx for Super NES Classic.

We recently learned that we may miss your delivery promise and apologize for the inconvenience. You will still receive your order of Super NES Classic. We are working hard to ensure you get this item as soon as it is in stock. You can track the status of, or make any changes to, your order under Your Orders on

Things haven’t been much better on Walmart’s end either. I’m read countless stories from frustrated hopefuls stating that Walmart has with dire news. Either they were told that their pre-order was canceled or that it was on backorder for months. Adding to the frustration is that many of those who got their pre-order in on August 22nd, 2017. Oddly enough, many of who got orders in after that date already have their systems or they’re in route. 

I just happen to be one of those who was told to cancel my pre-order and to order it again. Thanks to Walmart’s online system not being able to update credit card information. Somehow I managed to get my card updated and I thought all was good. Up until a few days ago when I received an email stating my pre-order was on backorder. When am I supposed to receive it? Apparently on or after November 30th, 2017. That is if they manage to get any in stock, otherwise, they’ll just cancel my order. This comes after several months of a hold of $90 on my account (taxes and shipping). 


I could go on and on, but by now I’m sure you get the idea. The handling of the Super Nintendo Classic has been anything but smooth. I’m sure those who have their console are pretty happy with them. Yet, somehow I’m sure those who listened to Reggie are pretty bummed that they did. Sure, they might have spent two or three times the actual price of the system – but they would have received one. Granted, I wouldn’t have paid that much, but I know others who will. My gripe is how Nintendo and the stores they worked with, have yet again let us down. To be honest, I’m not as frustrated as I should be. Mainly because I expected this to happen and that I already own a Raspberry Pi with a Super Nintendo emulator on it. 

Sadly, this was to be a Christmas present for the wife. Emulation is too much for her and she simply adores Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. She still thinks I managed to pick one up for her, which is all the more reason I still need to find one. 

For her sake and my sanity.

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