Hello Neighbor To Be Released in December

OCTOBER 12, 2017 – Frisco, TX – Gearbox Publishing has partnered with tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels, to bring Hello Neighbor to store shelves around the world. Starting today, Hello Neighbor is available for pre-order on Xbox One at select U.S. retailers, with more U.S. and international retailers to come.

In Hello Neighbor, you move into a brand-new suburb, where you discover your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he’s hiding. Your main goal is to get into the Neighbor’s basement and uncover his secrets, but be careful―the Neighbor is watching. Controlled by an advanced AI, the Neighbor assesses the player’s habits and invents unique ways to counter them. The more you play, the more complex the Neighbor’s tactics become.

The title will be available for the Xbox One and PC (Steam) on the 8th of December. Which gives you plenty of time to complete it before Christmas and spend time with family. It has gotten positive feedback from its Alpha, from streamers and YouTubers alike.  Also being popular in the Indie gaming community, and hailed as one of the best Indie games developed. 

Additional information can be found at www.helloneighborgame.com, and fans can also follow Hello Neighbor on Twitter for all the latest updates. To pre-order from participating retailers, check out http://www.gearboxpublishing.com/hello-neighbor/.

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