Halo: Master Chief Collection Is Finally Getting An Update


While Microsoft has already confirmed that the majority of Halo Xbox 360 games were going to get the BC treatment. Many wondered what was going to happen with the Halo: Master Chief Collection. I mean, most people picked up the game so they could play those Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One. But now that they’re coming to BC, where exactly does it leave Halo: Master Chief Collection? Well, we finally know the answer to that question – we’re going to see an update.

Next year, in 2018. Hey, we didn’t say we’d see the update anytime soon.

While we won’t see that update for Halo: Master Chief Collection until 2018, it’s nice to know it’s coming. Apparently, from what I gathered from the Halo live stream, there’s plenty of work ahead of this update. I have to say that I love when companies are transparent about their plans. Sure, the wait stinks but at least we know that 343 Industries has been listening to its fans.

Included in the update will be Xbox One X specific upgrades, such as 4K resolution support. The update will  include  “fixes, improvements, and upgrades to the core game to help bring it forward and modernize many of the game’s systems to take advantage of Xbox platform advancements since its original launch.” Here’s to hoping this fixes the matchmaking and online features that are still buggy. Even to this day.

And once this is all said and done, I want to see or hear some news on what’s happening with Halo 6. C’mon, you’d think we wouldn’t see another chapter? This is the Master Chief we’re talking about, here.

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