GT Sport Is Severely Gimped Offline

No internet means basically no game


Today’s the day that Gran Turismo Sport is released in North America. In fact, I got my copy right here and I can’t wait to tear into it. Well, I couldn’t wait until I got wind of some pretty nasty information surrounding the game. Apparently, if you don’t have access to any online, the game is pretty much gimped. You’ll be confined to just playing the arcade mode with no ability to save anything. 

Think about that for a second. 

Suppose you lose access thanks to some issue with your ISP. Or you forget to pay your bill. Or you live in an area where the internet isn’t exactly the best or anywhere near stable. Or heaven forbids that the PlayStation Network goes down. You won’t be doing much since everything is locked to the online portion. All those pretty cars you collected, photos and the campaign would be unavailable. That pretty much stinks, no matter how you try and argue that it makes sense.

Apparently Sony’s DRM for the game, meaning the always online, pretty much gimps the game if you can’t get online. Now, I know the game was always an online-enabled game. They’ve made that pretty clear from the beginning.

GT Sport will require an Internet connection for the majority of functionality.”

However, they never stated how much of the game was locked behind the online portion. Other than the majority, which turns out to be pretty much everything.

Now you have to wonder what will happen if you’re playing and you’re about to set the fastest record in the world. Only for your internet to crap out on you. Will your record be saved? I don’t know about you, but at least for now I’m not willing to take that chance.  I would have been fine with not being able to see records or access races. Give us access to our cars that we earned, let us do something other than race along a track without earning anything. Hell, save it all to the game and then sync it up when the game is finally able to connect online. Like most games do not, but not like this Sony and Polyphony.

Looks like my copy of GT Sport is either going to stay unopened and hopefully, some sort of change happens. Otherwise, it’s going back to the store and I’ll pick up a racing game that won’t screw me over when I am forced to play offline.

I guess the wait for a proper GT game, meaning Gran Turismo 7, starts anew.

Source: ArsTechnia

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