Get Your Own Super Cute NieR Automata 2B Plush

I loved NieR: Automata, I mean really loved it. From the kick-ass action, the weird storytelling and even the over-sexualized android, 2B. A fantastic game and one that I’m glad that Square Enix took a chance on. So when I found out that Square Enix had put a plush version of 2B up for pre-order. Well, I jumped at the chance to own one.

And you can as well if you so desire one. Just head over to the Square Enix store or click this link. Currently, the doll is being sold at a 10% discount. Normally going for $23.99, you can pre-order one now for $21.59 + shipping.

Speaking of shipping, they won’t ship until March 2018. Which is a bit a bummer, as this would make a nice Christmas gift.


This is the first NieR: Automata plush I’ve seen from Square Enix. But hopefully, we’ll see the rest of the cast in plush form. Can’t have a 2B without 9S.