Not to long ago, Epic Games took to Twitter and announced they were killing VPN access to Fortnite. If you used a VPN to play the game, such as the overseas community has, this is going to be a problem. Since there aren’t many overseas servers, this leaves those gamers without any way of playing the title. 

Following the link posted only states that VPN access was going away. It doesn’t state as to why Epic Games is stopping VPN access. However, if I was to take a guess as to why it would be due to the recent issues with their cheat detection. For the past few days, there has been a hit number of false positives with the game. This has resulted in a lot of bans, regardless if they were accurate or not. Perhaps this part of a solution that Epic Games has come up with.

We have reached out to Epic Games to see if we can get more information on the recent change.

Either way, this leaves a lot of gamers that use VPNs without access to the game.