While the surprise that was teased for The Surge isn’t the DLC expansion we’re waiting on, this news isn’t bad either. Focus Home Interactive has revealed that a new weapon pack, is being released today. Dubbed “The Fire and Ice Weapon Pack”, this new addition adds 10 new weapons to the game. And as the name suggests, 5 of those weapons are fire-based, while the other 5 are ice-based.  The DLC is free and will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

These weapons will vary as well, meaning some will be one-handed, two-handed and dual wielded. One of the looks like a pizza cutter on a staff. I need some of that action.

The Surge Fire and Ice Weapon Pack -01

These weapons will also add new elements to your gameplay. The fire-based weapons will introduce fire attacks and explosions. While the ice-based weapons weren’t made for combat and don’t have much in terms of attack damage. They do, however, have elemental attack damage and will also boost your life meter. It would seem that the ice weapons are there to up the difficulty. Also, who makes a weapon that isn’t made for attacking?

The Surge Fire and Ice Weapon Pack -02

Of course, just because they’re being added doesn’t mean you’ll just get them. Nope, you’ll have to track them down and pry them from the hands of the enemy. I’m pretty sure they won’t be happy to see your face either when you ask them to hand them over.

The weapon pack should be available now and if not, it will be soon. I can’t wait to dive back into The Surge and hunt these weapons down. As for the “A Walk in the Park” DLC, that’s still scheduled for sometime this year. 

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