Fans have been enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for a while now. The game is easily one of the best Zelda games ever, and was the absolute perfect way for Nintendo to kick off their new system, the Nintendo Switch. Then, they released the first part of their DLC for the game in The Master Trials, while also announcing that a story-driven DLC would come later via The Champions Ballad.

Earlier in the week, Nintendo of America President said in an interview that the DLC would come this year. And now, the director of Breath of the Wild, Eiji Aonuma, made a video saying the very same thing. He notes in the video (below) that his team are working very hard on the DLC, and that they ask you to wait just a little longer for it to come.

That being said, the 4 Amiibo that’s being made alongside the Champions Ballad DLC are coming out on November 10th, and something tells us the DLC could so follow. Stay tuned for more updates!

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