The Duffer Brothers Are Already Working on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

If you love Stranger Things, you’re probably in the process of getting through season 2, if you didn’t stay up all night binging it. So if you’re wanting more from the little town of Hawkins, Indiana and its residents, have no fear – Stranger Things Season 3 is in the works. 

In an interview with DeadlineRoss Duffer revealed that, indeed, he and his brother Matt were already hard at work putting together the next season:

The hardest thing with this story is that we were tracking these multiple storylines and having them sort of build about at the same pace as to crescendo at the same time. It’s always the hardest part as we move into writing.

Like we’re starting on season 3 now, it’s always the most difficult thing just to get those to build simultaneously. It’s always a challenge, and so we’re still learning. I mean, we’re trying to do this eight-hour, nine-hour movie so to get that pacing just right, you know, it’s always hard.

While we don’t have confirmation from Netflix yet that Stranger Things has been renewed, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t, given how massively popular the show has become. And, after all, so many questions remain about the experiments from the Hawkins Lab, all the nasty things lurking in the Upside Down, and of course, what’s going to happen with Eleven and Mike. 

Until then, we’ll just have to settle for re-watching our favorite episodes of seasons 1 and 2 over and over again.

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