More Gameplay for Detroit: Become Human Shown off at PGW

Detroit: Become Human is looking better and better. Unsurprisingly, the French developer Quantic Dream had a strong presence at this year’s Paris Games Week showing off their latest PlayStation exclusive. In this brand new trailer, we see more of Kara’s story, the android featured in the popular 2011 Kara tech demo that inspired Detroit. In addition, we see some of the different ways that scenarios can play out based on your decisions.

Here it is:


Detroit: Become Human will allow you to play as three different characters, each of them androids. Much like Heavy Rain, you choices will determine if characters live or die. The trailer provided one scenario where the child under Kara’s care is killed by her father, but many others in which she is saved. A set release date would have been appreciated, but perhaps we’ll hear something from Quantic Dream soon. 

Detroit is slated for a 2018 release for PlayStation 4.