Deadbeat Heroes, a game developed Deadbeat Productions a UK based studio, that hasn’t had much news circulating around it until now. Releasing tomorrow, this game should be on peoples radars. With people already playing it on streams and giving positive feedback. Also having Square Enix Collective as its publisher, it’s sure to be up to par.

So what is this game about you may ask?

Well, its is a bullet-dodging 3D brawler indie game, which brilliantly taps into all the best tropes from classic 90s beat-em-ups in a 60s superhero parody.

The game is set in 1970s London, where you (and a friend) battle a bunch of emerged criminals with superpowers. With the ever-changing technology and settings in London, there are no crime-fighters left to fight them. This is where we come in, a normal civilian with a will to end crime in the city. With no fighting experience or super-powers, you are forced to use you a prototype gauntlet that “borrows” the powers of other people. 

You have a choice of five different playable characters, which include: Captain Justice, Felix Movewright, Felicity Swift, Betty Ritz, Max Dan. Each with their own personality and custom gauntlet. The mission to fight crime and rid London of criminals has begun. Oh, and to obtain the approval of civilians and be named “Heroes” of course.

Xbox One and Steam will be the platforms that this game will release on. At a price point of $14.99, which isn’t too steep. Love brawlers? Comic-books? or Co-op? You may want to take a look at this title.

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Ramy Abou-setta

Ramy a.k.a TheRedPharaoh is a freelance writer who enjoys tech and gaming, especially writing about it. I inspire to be a journalist, and bring a knowledge of culture to the gaming community, to somewhat destroy cultural boundaries between gamers. Also to see the hidden cultural meanings and inspirations from games