Is Crystal Dynamics Teasing A New Legacy Of Kain Game?

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an entry in the Legacy of Kain series. In fact, it’s been nearly 15 years since Legacy of Kain: Defiance was released. But now, on the eve of Crystal Dynamics’s 25th anniversary, is the company teasing a return of Raziel, Kain, and crew?

Now, this may be just Crystal Dynamics reaching into their bag of titles, for their 25 years of being around. It’s definitely unusual to see the company showcases their games and characters from those games.

A quick look at their Twitter page can easily show multiple games, ranging from Gex, Tomb Raider and even Crash ‘N Burn (remember that 3DO game?). Is this actually something that’s happening? Who’s to say, but it would be odd. Especially since we haven’t heard about a new entry at any recent or past gaming events.

Still, if there was one series that myself and thousands if not millions of gamers would love to see again. It would be the Legacy of Kain series. Of course, this is all speculation on my part. But perhaps Crystal Dynamics can look at the possibility of resurrecting the series, once they’re done with the 3rd Tomb Raider title. Oh and those Marvel games that they’re working on with Square Enix.

The Legacy of Kain series focused on Kain. A nobleman who was turned into a vampire, who later accepts his curse and his growth of power. Later on, the series added a new character, Raziel, who served under Kain. These go south between the two when Kain grows jealous of Raziels new found wings, with Kain killing him. Of course, this wasn’t the end, as Raziel is resurrected (funny how that works) and seeks vengeance against Kain.  It was a very intimate and interesting storyline, one that I would love to revisit again.

legacy of kain soulreaver 2

That is if Crystal Dynamics is actually going to reboot it. And who’s to say they won’t. It seemed to do wonders for Tomb Raider.

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