With BlizzCon 2017 just a month away, Blizzard has released the schedule for the upcoming event. BlizzCon 2017 runs from November 3rd – 4th and will have announcements just about every Blizzard title. Well, every title except Diablo – They already stated that they won’t have anything in store for Diablo.

BlizzCon draws near, and we wanted to give you an update about Diablo’s presence at the show. Last year at BlizzCon, we kicked off Diablo’s 20th anniversary by announcing the old-school cathedral dungeon (if you missed that the first time around, it’s coming back in January) and unveiling Rise of the Necromancer.

This year, we want to give you a heads-up that while Diablo will be on the show floor, we won’t be making any new Diablo announcements. There will be a time for that at some point in the future, but that time is not now.

So if you were holding your breath for a Diablo II remaster, I’d recommend not doing that. Outside of that, Blizzard has you covered.

Just looking at the schedule, I can see a lot of stuff I’m interested in. Even the World of Warcraft stuff, despite me quitting the game for nearly a year now. But just because I quit doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the game still – the love will never die. Not a fan of WoW? No worries, as there are panels for Heroes of the Storm, HearthStone (I hear a new expansion is getting announced!), StarCraft and Overwatch


But don’t take my word for it, head over to the BlizzCon site here and check out the schedule.

And maybe, just maybe, one of these years I’ll be fast enough to snag my own tickets. Since I can’t, I already have my virtual ticket paid for. Keep it locked here for BlizzCon 2017 news as it unfolds.

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