ARMS was a surprise showing by Nintendo at the Switch reveal event. And then after some great promoting and beta tests, the game became a million plus seller for the new console. Fans loved the new way of fighting via extendable appendages, as well as the wacky boxing gloves, stages, and more. The game has slowly been updating with new characters and content. And another free update is coming soon.

Version 3.2 will be bringing some interesting new things to ARMS. First, it’ll introduce a new stage called the Sparring Ring, which resembles a standard boxing ring of sorts. There’s also going to be a new collective badge system for the game. You’ll get badges for certain achievements you do.

Finally, a glimpse of Spring Man was shown at the end (and in the image attached to the trailer) and it seems like he’s getting a very interesting power-up. Check out the trailer below:

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