The Outerhaven YouTube Roundup October 16, 2017

We here at the Outerhaven want you to know us not only for our passions surrounding gaming, tech, television, movies, anime, manga, etc. Every week we’re going to deliver to you a list of videos we have been checking out while cyberloafing the internet. It gives you a chance to see another side to us, one that isn’t focused on covering the latest news or reviews. While this list will be largely safe for work, we must warn against things that may incite any phobias that you may have. Enjoy!


Sara’s Pick:

So I don’t usually watch Dancing With the Stars because it’s not really my cup of tea but I happened to catch this performance live when there was nothing else on and, well, it ended in tears. If you can honestly watch this clip of Stirling’s Viennese Waltz and not get even a little twinge of emotion, then I’d be worried for your soul. From the story about her father, to the stunning choreography, to Stirling’s facial expression as she starts to breakdown mid-dance, this hits on so many levels. Seriously, I got all choked up just watching it again to submit this to the roundup!

Liz’s Pick:

I love Bill Hicks, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Alex Jones is nuts! Most Bill Hicks fans are aware of the conspiracy that Alex Jones is indeed Bill Hicks. Here, Alex gets a little high and makes a confession. You be the judge.

Josh’s Pick:

World of Warcraft has some pretty hit or miss voice acting, but when it hits, it usually knocks it out of the park. Some of the quotes by themselves are pretty epic, but when you put them to music, they become much more impactful. Take Il’gynoth from the Emerald Nightmare raid, for example. This is a chilling voice set to perfect music that I’ve listened to many times over and will probably listen to many times again!

Todd’s Pick:

Love it or hate it, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is out now. Though many are praising the games combat, the roster is still sore spot for most fans. So, leave it up to Screwattack to come up with a Top Ten list of character that should get put into the game via possible DLC …and yes, the X-Men are on the list.

Keith’s Pick:

During PAX West 2017, 2K put on a show for the attendees. A Bioshock-themed show that is. They transformed a slice of Seattle into a living embodiment of BioShock’s infamous underwater dystopia. Complete with a string quartet who performed the “The BioShock Medley.” So good, yet so eerie at the same time.

Ramy’s Pick:

I chose this, cause I am a big fan of TheBlackHokage and his mission to destroy discrimination in the YouTube community and Twitch. Plus he is really funny, and his representation of a cultured Gears of War 4 is just hilarious. 

Aaron’s Pick:

The Star Wars Explained channel is filled with great videos that take a good, in-depth look at parts of the Star Wars universe in the context of new canon and Legends stories, and are typically only a few minutes long. In this installment, we hear the story of that stormtrooper that infamously bumps his head on a door on the Death Star in A New Hope, as told in the recently-released book From A Certain Point Of View. It ends up providing a really interesting look at how Jedi mind tricks work, as that trooper (designated TD-110) was part of the squad that stopped Obi-Wan and Luke in Mos Eisely and were mind tricked into believing that R2-D2 and C-3PO weren’t the droids they were looking for.


That’s all for week’s roundup. Tune back in next week to see what we are sharing next!

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