War of Infinite Panels, Issue #4 – “Writer’s Block”

Lesson is that you shouldn’t lie so you can make yourself bigger than you actually are. In addition, if you are of well-known, critical acclaim then please be careful. Not everything you write is golden and you might make a terrible mistake. 

Matthew “GetSelious” Paul and Julz Chan`s Recommendations:

Scalped Vol. 1, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by R.M. Guera


Tomboy Vol. 1 – 3, written and drawn by Mia Goodwin


The New Teen Titans Vol. 7,  written by Marv Wolfman and and drawn George Perez


Sandman Vol. 1 – Preludes and Nocturnes, written by Neild Gaiman and drawn by Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg 

Iceman Issue #4, Written by Sina Grace and drawn by Edgar Salazar

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