Super Mario Odyssey is quickly approaching (ok, it’s still over a month away, but every day brings us closer to it!) and we’re still learning about more and more things for the highly anticipated title for the Nintendo Switch.

Since E3, we knew that there would be special “wedding” Amiibo for the game. But, Nintendo has shown off the box art for these Amiibo both separately and via a 3-pack. And apparently, on the back of the boxes, they talk about three kingdoms that will be in the game. These three are the Lake Kingdom, the Snow Kingdom, and not so surprisingly, the Mushroom Kingdom.

No doubt we’ve seen glimpses and peaks of the first two, but it is nice to hear more confirmations about what’s coming up in the game. As for the Mushroom Kingdom though, that’s where questions may be raised. The game is meant to be one that takes Mario outside of the Mushroom Kingdom, but it’s natural that the game would start there. But, is that the only place it’ll be? Or, could it also be a place we go to at the end of the game? Hard to say at present. 

All in all though, we know that Super Mario Odyssey is going to be something special when it arrives on October 27th.

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