Sonic Mania’s Denuvo Protection Cracked In Eight Days

Remember when Sega upset it’s PC Sonic Mania fans by delaying the game for two weeks for  *Optimizations*? Yeah, that wasn’t cool. But do you remember when I said that Denuvo was a waste as it would likely get cracked under a short period of time? Well, that has come to pass, as expected. While Sonic Mania on PC recently was released with the notorious DRM, cracking groups have set out to defeat the protection. After just eight days, they have accomplished that feat.

Sadly, all this DRM talk has soured people’s opinion of the game. That’s really upsetting as the game is really good. Check out our review of it on the PS4 – we loved it.

I fail to see how companies continue to use Denuvo, as it fails to do what it’s supposed to do. At the same time, it typically punishes legit customers who pay money for these games. The same people that end up with games that destroy the performance of those said games or in some instances, rendering the game unplayable. On the flip side, the pirates are the ones who get away with little implications as they are the ones who’ll find those cracks and apply them. The money and frustration these companies could have saved by not implementing Denuvo is immeasurable. 

While it took just eight days to crack the game, Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 was cracked in just four days. Finally, while I’m sympathetic to those who actually paid for the game, I will not direct you to where those cracks are. Piracy is still piracy, and we don’t condone it. Still, if you Google it, you’re likely to find them. Just keep in mind that installing them is risking your PC to all sorts of other stuff – You’ve been warned.

Don’t forget to contact Sega and let them know how you feel about being lied to. Maybe now that the games’ DRM has been cracked, they’ll remove it from the game like Rime’s developers did

P.S. – Don’t harass the Sonic Mania dev team about this either, they had nothing to do with the Denuvo implementation.

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