PSA: Stop Giving Sonic Mania Bad Reviews Because Of Denuvo

Listen up folks, because I feel some of you are doing the creators of Sonic Mania a huge injustice. Recently it was made known that the release of Sonic Mania on the PC was delayed, mainly to get Denuvo implemented. And as you’d likely imagine, the PC gaming community didn’t take kindly to finding this out. Feelings were hurt, trust with Sega was weakened and chaos started raining from above. It wasn’t pleasant, to say the least.

Then some people had the bright idea to give the game negative reviews on Steam – reviews that really aren’t actual reviews. Not sure how that works, but they did it.

Negative Sonic Mania Steam reviews

A review is supposed to be feedback based on you playing the actual game, not writing down some choice words because you’re upset. And I get it, I do. I’m the biggest PC gamer and advocate here at the Outerhaven and didn’t like the news either. However, I also know how good the game is (see our review here) and despite Sega making me feel like a thief, I did play the game. Why? Because I played Sonic Mania on my Xbox One and it was amazing. And you know what? The PC version is just as amazing, plus it supports better graphical options, including 4K @ 60fps. Sure, I’m quite pissed at Sega for implement Denuvo and not that they did it, but how they went about it.

Yet, telling people not to buy the game, not to play the game and not to support the game is wrong. You got to remember that several very passionate and proud Sonic the Hedgehog fans helped make this game. People like Stealth (Simon Thomley) and his studio (Headcannon), Taxman (Christian Whitehead) and the folks at Pagodawest, for example. They all worked their butts off to make Sonic Mania what it is, a fantastic nod to the old school Sonic titles. Denuvo or not, tossing fake reviews because you’re mad isn’t the way to handle this. 

Keep in mind, those folks I mentioned aren’t happy with how this went down either.

If you want to show Sega how you feel, be sure to send in complaints about their decision to add Denuvo. Or even better, simply don’t buy the game on the PC. Make a statement with your wallet, purse or wherever your money is held. Let them know they screwed up and you won’t stand for that mess. But don’t crap all over something that passionate people worked so hard on, especially when they aren’t the ones at fault.

Thank you!

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