The Nintendo Switch got a bit of criticism when it was revealed that two Wii U titles would be ported to the Switch. Granted, these would be “enhanced” versions, which would include the DLC that the games had via the other system. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the first, and it was a major success. And now, a week ago, Pokken Tournament DX launched.

The fighting game that put Pokemon from various generations was a decent hit for the Wii U, but the upgraded version no doubt is aiming for something more. With 4 new Pokemon, a new 3V3 battle mode, refined gameplay and more, Pokken Tournament DX is truly an upgrade. And Japan seems to have noticed, for as 4 Gamer notes, Pokken was at the top of the charts by the end of its stats week. 

The game sold 53,395 units. Which admittedly is a little less than the Wii U version sold, but for a port? That’s pretty good. Also consider, the sales week for this reported ended 2 days after the game released, so it’s likely sold more than that.

What’s also impressive is that Pokken Tournament DX blew away the numbers that Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite made in that same week. In fact, only the PS4 version of the game “made” the charts, and that was with a little over 8,000 units sold.

We’ll have to see if it’ll outsell its Wii U counterpart when the US, UK and other numbers come in.

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