Ok, so Nintendo is good at making things. Consoles, handhelds, video games, etc. But, for all of their greatness, they sometimes fall behind the market as much as they jump ahead of it. Online gaming is a good example of that, but another thing they’ve never had is an achievement system. It’s something that both Microsoft and Sony have had on the last two generations of their consoles, so why hasn’t Nintendo done it? Well, if a developer is to be believed, they might be bringing it to the Nintendo Switch.

During a Reddit AMA, the team behing Lichtspeer Double Edition (which recently came out for the Nintendo Switch) talked with fans about all topics concerning their game and beyond. But in the middle of it all, this conversation happened:

Nintendo Switch Achievements

Now, naturally, this isn’t Nintendo saying this is going to happen, BUT…that’d be a pretty weird thing to say if you didn’t know it was happening, right?

So, will this happen? Will the Nintendo Switch get an achievement system? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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