Nintendo Forbids Streaming Their Games On YouTube

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Well, today’s the day that Nintendo releases their Super Nintendo Classic in the states. I’m sure that everyone who picked up one can’t wait to stream their gameplay and impressions on YouTube Live. Except, there’s a little issue that may prevent this. It may even give your channel strike. You see, as of this morning, Nintendo has banned all live streams on YouTube. This does not affect recorded content.

They have announced that live streaming on YouTube is beyond their “scope” of the Nintendo Creators Program. I woke up this morning with this little gem of an email in my inbox.

Thank you for using the Nintendo Creators Program.

We have updated the Nintendo Creators Program User Guide with information on how revenue generated during live stream broadcasts on YouTube will be handled in the Nintendo Creators Program.  (

Live streaming on YouTube falls outside the scope of the Nintendo Creators Program. This means that you cannot broadcast content on YouTube Live from the account you have registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. Please check the user guide for details.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Nintendo Creators Program. As YouTube continues to evolve, we will work to provide you timely information to help you manage your account with the Nintendo Creators Program.

What does this mean to you and me? Well, for starters, when those new titles such as Super Mario Odyssey are released, we won’t be able to stream them on YouTube. Pre-recorded content is fine, but streaming is a big no. That also means anything featuring a Nintendo game in any sort of streams, such as impressions or even reactions, are not allowed. This is a major bummer.

Now, I can only wager that this is due to some recent happenings when a certain someone was streaming. Where they blurted out a word that I will not repeat. People wondered if this would cause some sort of backlash, and this could definitely be some.

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What’s odd is that they only specified YouTube, at least for the moment. So if you want to stream your Nintendo games, you’re going to have to do it on either Twitch, Mixer or even Facebook. As for YouTube, well, you don’t want to end up with a channel strike. Three of those and your channel is gone for good. However, tossing in my two cents, this definitely bad for YouTube. They’re already causing issues for their users with the advertisement stuff and monetization issues. People have already started leaving the platform, could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

But what if you’re not a member of the Nintendo Creator’s Program? Technically, you’re supposed to be a member of that to put Nintendo footage on your YouTube channel. This also allows you to get paid since Nintendo will copyright any Nintendo stuff on Youtube. If you aren’t enrolled, you aren’t getting paid – they still can give you copyright strikes. So don’t think that you are exempt by not being part of the program.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for more information regarding this. We’ll update accordingly if we get a response.

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