Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition Seemingly Has Frame Rate Issues

Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition released today after being revealed during last night’s Nintendo Direct, and crafters are starting to experiment with the newest place to play Microsoft and Mojang’s hit franchise. Unfortunately, as players begin to discover, this edition, which is currently restricted to the New 3DS family of handhelds, isn’t the Minecraft they’re looking for.

Rumblings on both r/3DS and r/Minecraft have been reporting frame rates as low as 20fps when there are multiple objects on-screen. This isn’t surprising, as the New Nintendo 3DS family of hardware is only incrementally more powerful than the original 3DS line. That isn’t the only troublesome news, either. Mojang’s Aubrey Norris was asked if the Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition will be getting the Better Together update, and the answer will definitely leave many people disappointed:

While Minecraft on the New 3DS was a surprise to many, these developments are not necessarily a good thing. Despite this, I can certainly see a lot of players jumping on to this edition of Minecraft, even if it’s just for the building aspect alone.

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