Let’s be honest, when Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was leaked, we didn’t expect much of it, right? But then, at E3, Nintendo slowly started to change our minds. And as more and more details were released, we became eager. Then, positive reviews showed that the game was actually really good, so people when out and bought it. But…how many?

Well, though exact numbers aren’t known as of yet, according to Eurogamer.net, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has already sold more than any 3rd Party Nintendo Switch yet. Now, before you start raging, here are the facts of the matter. One, this only counts US, UK, and Australia numbers. Two, it’s the best selling RETAIL game, so some digital pure titles may have it beat. And three this actually means something, as the Switch has had some decent 3rd party games release. Like Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Disgaea 5: Complete Edition, and more. So apparently, they’ve beaten all of them in physical sales.

Here’s the other thing, this isn’t counting digital sales of the game, so it’s likely even bigger than this already big number…whatever it is.

And yes, technically it is a Mario game, but it’s also a Rabbids game, and was made 95% by Ubisoft, so it is 3rd Party. And anyone who’s played it will tell you that this is the most oddball Mario game ever made, and yet it totally works.

In fact, we loved Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and you can read our review of it here.

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