This is Anime-Souls!

Being the resident “Soulsborne” expert or addict here, I’m constantly looking for my next fix. After blasting through all of the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, NiOH and even The Surge, I’m still a bit hungry. Those who play these sorts of games know exactly what I mean. Thankfully it looks like that craving may be put on hold as I’ve been following the development of Bandai Namco’s upcoming title, Cold Vein.  And I’m very much liking what I’m seeing.

Simply put, this is the anime-souls title that has you playing a Vampire-type character, as you navigate through the world that is at its end. Outside of that, not much is known. We’ve seen bits and pieces of the game from Various events, but more recently IGN posted up 17-minutes of the game in action. You can check out that footage below.

So far the game looks a bit better than what we’ve seen previously, and a bit faster as well. We also find out that the extra character following you is AI controller and not player controlled as we once previously thought. The art-style seems a bit reminiscent of the Godeater games, especially with the anime look – which is why people have started calling the game “Anime-Souls”. The gameplay seems to emulate the Dark Souls games completely, which shouldn’t be odd to anyone as Bandai Namco knows how much the Dark Souls games are loved and how well they sold. I’m going to go out on a ledge (don’t push me) and say they’re looking to recreate that success.

We’ll (I’ll) definitely keep an eye on Code Vein, as it looks to be shaping up quite good. But don’t expect to get your hands on it anytime soon as the game isn’t slated to be released until some time in 2018.

Code Vein is currently being developed for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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