Activision’s release of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy proved to be quite a success this summer with close to two million copies sold worldwide in less than three months. Now, Funko Pop!, the creators behind the popular and adorable miniature sized characters, will be introducing a special lineup of Crash Bandicoot vinyl figures.
With this game being such a nostalgic franchise from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, it seems as though it was only a matter of time before Funko would make this announcement for long time fans of the series.
Choose from six different variations of Crash Bandicoot himself including a very rare, limited edition black and white version. Alongside these Crash figures is also the evil Dr. Neo Cortex but tnfortunately, no sign of Coco Bandicoot or her cute Bengal tiger this time around. 
Dr. Neo Cortex Vinyl Funko Pop!
The classic Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex figures will be available this November at several locations while the remaining figures will be made available for select retailers. Depending on the Crash figure you plan to pick up, you will have to either go to GameStop, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, or Hot Topic. 
Crash Bandicoot Vinyl Funko Pop

This Crash Bandicoot vinyl with a jet pack is only available at Toys “R” Us

Another popular game franchise getting the Funko treatment is Horzon: Zero Dawn. This collection will feature the warrior, Aloy herself in her beautifully detailed outfit featuring a strung bow and even her Focus located around her right ear. 
In addition to Aloy, figures of the character Erend, as well as two types of Watchers will become available next month in October.
Watcher Funko Pop!

Get this yellow glowing Watcher exclusive to Best Buy stores

Let us know in the comments below which Funko Pop! vinyl you plan on adding to your collection.

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