DOOM Multiplayer to be Free DLC Update for Switch Physical Cartridges

Bethesda’s 2016 DOOM reboot is set for release this holiday season on the Nintendo Switch out of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we now have learned that the online multiplayer mode will not be included on the physical cartridge version of the game.

Engadget reports that those who purchase the Switch port of DOOM will have access to all of the updates and DLC released for the game, except for the SnapMap level editor. The physical version, due to size constraints on the cartridge, will only come with the single player campaign. Owners of the physical copy of DOOM will need to download a free update to gain access to DOOM’s online multiplayer. Digital purchases will get the complete package upon download.

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch has been a port heavy ecosystem within the first 6 months of being on the market, getting ports of current generation titles, far less AAA titles that have released within the last 18 months is big for Nintendo and is a sign that third-party developers are ready to take Nintendo and the Switch into serious consideration.

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