DontNod’s New Game Vampyr Gets Pushed back to 2018

In a press release today, DontNod announced their latest game Vampyr has been delayed. The Life is Strange developer claimed an unspecified technical issue put them behind schedule. The game was originally set to release this November, but has been pushed back into Spring 2018

We haven’t seen much of Vampyr since its E3 trailer, but what we have seen makes it clear it’s a very different game from Life is Strange. DontNod is calling it a “narrative driven action-RPG” set in 1918 London. The game follows Jonathan Reid, a doctor trying to save citizens from a flu epidemic. But as a vampire, he’ll also have to take some lives along the way. 

Vampyr definitely sounds like it has a solid premise with some interesting mechanics. If DontNod needs a few more months to make it all the better, so be it. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There are also some pre-order benefits on the official website for those interested. 

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Veronica Ciotti

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