Congratulations, Guardian. You’ve finished the story, spent hours grinding for that exotic weapon, and finally gotten your power level over 260. Impressive. Now gather your fireteam because as of a few hours ago, Destiny 2‘s first raid, Leviathan, is live. 

Even as we speak, fireteams are currently racing to be the first team complete the Destiny 2‘s first raid. Those lucky scamps….

For those unfamiliar with Destiny, the raids are the heart of the end-game. This is where many of the highest tier items are found. Raids have the highest rate of dropping the best loot, so dedicated players will run through them once a week. Even with this being one of the best options for high-level gear, Bungie stated earlier this year that only 50% of the player base of the original Destiny took part in end-game content. This was primarily a problem because there was no matchmaking for raids. To correct this problem, Destiny 2 will add Guided Games next month.

This feature doesn’t allow for pure match making; however, it will allow solo players to match up with teams in order to complete difficult end-game content. This will ensure that all players are able to experience as much of Destiny 2 as they would like.

Wondering why there isn’t more coverage of Destiny 2 since its console release here on The Outerhaven? We’d love to really, but we’ve had some hands on with the PC version, so many of us are waiting for October 24th. It’s so very hard having played original Destiny, to see all the coverage, streams, and videos, and know that you COULD be playing it right now. A little under two months doesn’t seem like a long time until you’ve had a digital copy in your cart and you’re a click away from playing with everyone else. Then again, it’s silly to have it on two platforms right? Asks the guy who had Destiny on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Be sure to check back soon for more news and coverage of Destiny 2. 10/24/2017 can’t get here fast enough.

[Editors Note: No, it simply can not get here soon enough, not at all!]

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