Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Unveiled At TGS

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Unveiled At TGS

Koei Tecmo formally unveiled their next iteration of Dead Or Alive Xtreme called Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation coming to browsers on PC developed by DMM. If you heard of games like Kantai Collection, then it is similar to that. At Tokyo Game Show, they released the first trailer of the game and to show off their newest girl, Misaki. Naturally…

*NSFW Waring*

All the girls are back in this version of the game, but this time we see the new girl Misaki (CV:Minami Tsuda)  in action. The Layout of the game is very similar to Kantai Collection in regards to stamina and management of the girls. It seems that they will include fully rendered cut-scenes of the girls that appears  improved over its console/handheld  iterations. The scenes shows off you being more intimate and closer to the girls like being in a lap pillow position or at a date. Note Nyotengu and the Ice Cream…yeah. 

Other aspects include the new chibi art style for the girls when navigating menus. Volleyball remains here in full 3D models, but now one must take account stats like Power, Stamina and Technique. The match itself will play out on its own and you set your girls their position on the field. The one way that you are able to interact is the tension gauge below, which is your special. Also shown briefly is what appears to be conversation between girls. Either its the same as the gift giving speeches, or a new text specifically for this game. A Theater mode is available, should you wish to see the scenes you unlocked with the girls. Gift and swimsuit giving  makes a return, but added is equipping new techniques when playing volleyball. What more surprising is for the first time, you can interact with your girls outside the Hotel at night.

Of course, there is photo mode to take pics of your gals. Options include blowing the ladies skirts to getting them…drenched. Seems they are taking cues from another well known fan service series. The Moe is strong here with Misaki’s  low tone “Baka…” Finally, the Soft engine remains intact and emphasized. In the breast, butt, and bounce of all assets.


Lastly at their presentation, they hinted of a new shower scene that one can get when the player unlocks an Super Secret Rare Bikini. Example shown off is with Kasumi and in case you can’t tell or forgotten…


Whether or not the PS4 or Vita version will get the new Bikinis or Mikasa has not yet been confirmed. Though with the recent focus of costumes in each update, I say its a matter of time.

Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacations is currently announced for PC and browsers in Japan.

For the initiated, please refer to our review of Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 to catch up on the series.


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