Wayfaress from COSPLAY by McCALL’S is a woman’s pants and overskirt pattern that will have pirate fans overjoyed. With three pants styles to choose from, no doubt the variety will be endless with the right fabrics. These are accompanied by a single option for the overskirt, which can be customized with different types of trimming and fabric.

COSPLAY by McCALL'S WAYFARESS Pattern ReviewHere are the specs:

Skill level: Intermediate

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Pattern number: M2085

The tips in this envelope cover flexible trimming and a short list of trims that may spark your interest. As a bonus, you also get helpful topstitching tips. This pattern is definitely not for the lighthearted. This pattern calls for well over 7 yards of trimming and several types of sewing notions from zippers to hook and eye closures. The envelop also suggests using twill, gabardine, or lightweight wool. McCall’s suggests synthetic suede for the overskirt but a lightweight leather or suede would work for those who have industrial or antique sewing machines.

I think the hardest thing to perfect on this pattern is the decorative top-stitching and trims, which can always be omitted. The pants do require 12 pattern pieces but the seams are fairly straight. There really isn’t any trickery with this pattern. You just need patience to repeat the same steps for two legs. If you made basic pajamas before, you’re just dealing with a few extra seams to pin and stitch. This pattern would actually make great practice. Options B & C are definitely more for an intermediate skill set, but I think anyone who can follow directions can get by.  The overskirt is made up of 6 pieces, which are fairly obvious with easy to follow directions.


This pattern definitely screams pirate, as I am sure that was McCALL’s intention. As for cosplay, I imagine this could make a very nice Edward Kenway crossplay if you can find a way around the shirtlessness in the fishing boat. Unless you’re in New York, where toplessness for women is legalized. You may not get into a con without a some sort of top for your ta-tas, so you’ve been warned!

I do wish a pattern for the shirt was included, but I suppose you cannot have everything!


*This item was provided for review.

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