Thirst is a men’s pattern from McCall’s featuring billowy sleeves and a highly detailed vest. This would be suitable for a variety of cosplays and vampire themed events. While it looks intimidated at first glance, this pattern can be made by a novice.

COSPLAY by McCALL'S THIRST Pattern ReviewHere are the specs:

Skill level: Easy

Sizes: 38-40-42-44

Pattern number: M2090

Once again COSPLAY by McCALL’S adds in some helpful tips on the inside flap of the envelope. These hints focus on appliques, which are an important part of this pattern. The cosplay tutorial with this pattern is actually the most in-depth and lengthy so far. It discusses how to design appliques, picking out fabrics, and different stitching choices.

Inside, this pattern contains a lined button-front vest with options for a short and long vest and two different collars to choose from (notched or shawl). Beginners can make a vest that is unique and complimentary to their cosplay needs. Both vests have lace up details in the back which allow for some customization of the fit once the garment is completed.

A satin vest with appliques would make for a wonderful vampire theme while a wool vest could work for COSPLAY by McCALL'S THIRST Pattern Reviewsteampunk and a variety of cosplays. Just switching the fabric up will make this pattern essential in every mans’ cosplay pattern arsenal. Unfortunately, that is where the variety ends because this pattern only has one style for the shirt. That’s not of major consequence since billowy shirts serve many uses in one’s closet. If you’re just looking for a billowy shirt pattern, the vest is actually a nice bonus.

The shirt has a standing collar and full gathered sleeves with ruffled button cuffs. You can customize this shirt further with fancy buttons or trimmings along the sleeves. This pattern would look great in linen, silk, or other fabrics that require a billowy shirt.

I definitely learned a bit more from reading the cosplay tutorial included with this pattern. As I mentioned earlier, the vest and shirt will work great for many uses depending on your choice of fabric and level of detail. The pattern is great because it’s easy and will allow beginners to make an attention catching, detailed vest. Men, don’t be intimidated by this one!

*This item was provided for review.

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