When Nintendo teased the Nintendo Switch last year, they made sure EVERYONE knew that they had support from other developers. Specifically, 3rd party developers. More specifically, BIG, IMPORTANT, 3rd Party developers. EA, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, and more pledged their loyalty, but there were also some big surprises, one of which was Bethesda.

The team behind some of the biggest games of recent memory haven’t been on a Nintendo platform, but then Skyrim was revealed for Switch, which was awesome! Then, during the last Nintendo Direct, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Doom were revealed to be coming to Switch as well. What does this mean for Bethesda’s and Nintendo’s relationship going forward? Well, according to Pete Hines in an interview with VentureBeat, it’s the start of a beautiful friendship:

“We’ve been in constant conversation with [Nintendo],” said Hines, “and not just about the two games we have now, but about our whole approach to the platform going forward – what we can do, best practices, what things are a good fit, what they’re excited about in what we’re doing. We’re obviously excited about these two games, but it’s not as if we’re going to just do these two games and that’s it. We want this to be the start of a relationship that we build with Nintendo and Nintendo fans.”

Hines also noted that bringing games like Doom to the Switch wasn’t a hassle. In fact, he noted it was no different than porting the games to other systems. Which holds up to what Keith has seen in regards to Doom on Switch.

So, it seems like Bethesda is truly behind the Nintendo Switch. The only question is, what’s coming next that’ll shock gamers? The first game in the Bethesda/Nintendo partnership is Skyrim, and that arrives November 17th.

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