Astro has recently unveiled their brand new A20 wireless gaming headset at PAX West this weekend. This headset shares much of its design with the A10 gaming headset where instead of having a wired connection to the console controller or PC, it is paired wirelessly to an additional component that you plug in to your system. 

The Astro A20 headset provides gamers with clear and immersive sound quality with comfort thanks the lightweight design featuring a padded headband and cloth ear cushions. For more audio customization, PC gamers can easily tune and adjust EQ settings to the A20 with Astro’s Command Center application installed. Players using their consoles can also use the chat and in-game volume mixer featured on the actual headset.

With 15 hours of play time off of a single charge, players will get to play efficiently for hours without worry of recharging in the middle of sessions.

PC gamers get their choice in any of the four color options that the A20 is available in since each headset is compatible for PC systems. However, gamers that have a specific console preference will either have a blue accented headset for the PS4, or one accented with green for the Xbox One. The A20 will be priced at $150 and just a bit more at $160 for gamers looking to pick up an awesome Call of Duty version as shown below.

A20 Call of Duty Editions

For fans of the Call of Duty games, the Astro A20 will also feature special edition headset designs for both PS4 (left) and Xbox One (right).

If you are ready to get rid of your wired gaming headset, you can expect the Astro A20 to launch sometime next month in October. For more information about the A20 and other Astro headsets, visit their wesbite

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